Here at WOW Cornwall, we are proud to now stock Stoneglow Candles. We have always endeavoured to carefully curate the most vibrant, chic and contemporary wares for your home and garden, and this new product is no exception. 


Stoneglow have over 30 years of experience in designing and crafting handmade Stoneglow candles in Great Britain. The business is entirely based on creating the most luxurious, desired fragrances for your home, which is why they sit so well in our store. Thanks to their rich heritage, you know you are going to get a product of exceptional quality and longevity. 


Stunning Stoneglow Candles



Much like at WOW Cornwall, Stoneglow pride themselves on sourcing only the finest materials for their Stoneglow candles. Their professional perfumers blend such materials into fine, distinctive and quite original fragrances that you can have in every room of your home. They even grow and harvest some of the rare botanicals that you can find in their Natures Gift and Botanical collections.  


Stunning Stoneglow Candles



Here at WOW Cornwall, we truly believe that a good team is paramount for a successful business. Stoneglow believes this too. When crafting their candles, they have a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen and women who are highly trained perfumers. Each member of their team is an expert in their field with years of experience that helps make Stoneglow candles what they are today.  


Stunning Stoneglow Candles



It is clear to see that the Stoneglow candles we stock are made to the highest standards. Each candle is hand-finished, to create the perfect home fragrance experience for any buyer. We know that they are rigorously checked by Stoneglow’s candle makers for any impurities or imperfections. They are then checked again by their Quality Control team, before finally arriving in our store. 


Stunning Stoneglow Candles


The Craft

All of Stoneglow’s scented candles are handcrafted, the team opting for a slow and steady manufacturing process that emanates calm and relaxation. The scents and candle wax are carefully blended and poured by hand. Each scented candle is then individually checked before being carefully wrapped in their designer packaging, which we love! 

The expert candlemakers and Stoneglow test very carefully to ensure their candles burn evenly and steadily, with a long burn-time and a steady release of the scent, all without smoke. This reduces the likelihood of those pesky burn marks on the walls or ceiling.



Stoneglow stock

Whilst Stoneglow candles are a must-have, they actually create so much more that you can get your hands on here at WOW! They also make reed diffusers, so you can opt for a flame-free alternative to your favourite fragrances. Alongside this, you can also purchase plug diffusers, a modern alternative that provides a steady stream of luxurious scents throughout every room. 

Here in Cornwall, we are surrounded by the coast and the idea of coastal living. That is why the Stoneglow Seasalt and Oak Moss fragrance collection is our best seller. It’s a perfume for your home, a reminder of our rich and vibrant coastline, even for those who live far away.


Stunning Stoneglow Candles


Here at WOW Cornwall we know how scents can evoke a different mood on different days, and we truly believe in the remarkable experience that Stoneglow Candles can offer. Whether you want to relax in the bath after a long day, or liven up a dinner party, Stoneglow candles have the fragrance for you, and we are proud to have them in stock for you to peruse. So don’t waste another moment; come and visit us in store today, so you can explore their vast range, and get a feel for their fragrances in person.

April 26, 2023 — The Ocean Agency