Painted wooden furniture design is a versatile and popular style that combines the durability and natural beauty of wood with the modern touch of painted surfaces. The combination of these two materials results in a unique and elegant aesthetic that can complement any interior design, especially those hoping to enjoy a touch of coast and country style. In the case of the Newlyn Collection, the arts-and-crafts-inspired finish is beautifully contemporary – elegant spindles and hand-woven rope chair seats; classy, understated table surfaces that celebrate the grain of the wood; delicate tongue-and-groove cabinetry.

If you’re looking to achieve the a coastal or country house style in your home, then let us tell you more about the Newlyn Collection.

What colours and styles are in the collection?

Celebrating both nature and neutrality, the Newlyn Collection brings rural greens and soft grey hues to your interior, working well in any home that hopes to bring Cornwall’s beautiful blend of coast and country inside.

One of the defining characteristics of painted wood furniture is its use of contrast, used to highlight the unique features of the furniture. The Newlyn Collection is no exception, its contrasting shades of green, grey and natural wood allowing their contemporary design to really sing.

In terms of style, there’s a feeling of handmade craft that exudes from each piece. The cornicing and panelling of the two-door cupboards is a great example, as are the hand-woven rope seats and elegant spindling of the dining chairs and bar stools. For those who believe that beauty is born from simplicity, the Newlyn Collection is sure to impress.


Chair from Newlyn Collection

Where in the home should I use the Newlyn Collection?

Dealer’s choice! Particularly well suited to living rooms and garden rooms, there is a contemporary cleanliness to the design of each piece that instils a feeling of calm to the room they occupy. And in a busy world, a sense of tranquillity has perhaps never been more important at home.

The Newlyn Collection achieves this, and we think its natural grain patterns and textures from the wood are really applicable to most rooms of the home. More specifically, the two-door cupboards would make a great addition to a traditional, shaker-style kitchen where more storage space is required, as would the extending dining tables. Or, if you need a place to toss your keys when you enter the front door and a handy place to slot your shoes, the console tables provide a modern and versatile update to a country classic.

And whether your kitchen centres around a breakfast bar or the aforementioned Newlyn dining table, you’ll find a fabulous choice of stools and chairs, from sink-into seats with plush upholstery, to gorgeous, hand-woven rope seats.


Chest from Newlyn Collecion

What about accessories?

Our favourite aspect of the Newlyn Collection is its ability to help you bring the outdoors in, not only enabling you to create a beautiful garden room full of life and colour, but giving you the tools you need to realise that sophisticated ‘house in the country’ feel throughout your home. And it’s not only the furniture; here at WOW we always work hard to curate beautiful accessories to complement our chosen furniture ranges. In this case, supporting the Newlyn Collection is a wide selection of ceramics, enamelware, planters and other accessories. From wall-clocks and lighting, to glassware, vases and planters, all celebrating those beautiful shades of green and grey, bringing your home to life with the colours of spring has never been easier.


Lovely tv unit from Newlyn Range


If you’re really hoping to go the extra mile and bring not just the sights, but the smells, of the countryside indoors, then our new Botanicals range of fragrances are sure to help. With candles, diffusers and other fragrance options from Stoneglow, you’ll relish that first breath of home whenever you cross the threshold.

Overall, combined wood and painted furniture design like that of the Newlyn Collection is a stylish and practical choice for those who want to add a touch of country house style to their home. Whether it's for a garden room, a kitchen, or to fit out your whole home, be sure to pop into our store in Wadebridge to view the Newlyn Collection and its complementary accessories for yourself.

April 04, 2023 — The Ocean Agency