About us

Wouldn’t it be lovely if there were a ‘one size fits all’ way of bringing our dream homes to life? Of course, there isn’t, and our entire approach to bettering our customers’ home and lifestyle is founded on the principal that everybody is different. We all have our own sense of style, and we each find beauty in myriad different shapes, sizes and palettes. 


For this reason, across all of our ranges, from dining and living, to home style and gifting, all we aim to do is present you with a range of products that are as beautiful and sustainable as they are well made and eclectic. Even still, if you have a particular product in your mind’s eye that you cannot find in our Wadebridge store, or here online, we love connecting discerning customers with the items they are searching for, which means that it’s never a question of whether we have it, but rather a matter of time until we will.

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