Keynvor Candle Co

Keynvor crafts fragrances inspiring open minds, trail seekers, and wilderness enthusiasts. Their products transport users to memories or aspirations, always with a profound awareness of the planet. Keynvor embraces the responsibility of ensuring its safety, rooted in sustainability—from ingredients to eco-friendly packaging. In every step, they harmonise fragrance allure with a commitment to Earth's beauty.

Joma Jewellery

Co-founded by Katie Loxton, whose range of handbags and accessories are themselves popular additions our shelves, Joma Jewellery is all about memories, moments and meaning. Joma believes that jewellery possesses the magical power to hold and represent life’s biggest, happiest, saddest and littlest memories, and therefore works to enable everybody to build a collection beautiful jewellery. As Katie herself put it: “Our jewellery has the power to mark every moment and memory, in the most meaningful way!” 

Katie Loxton

On a mission to positively empower you, to effortlessly tell your story with timeless and considered design that’s stylish, luxurious and always accessible, Katie Loxton is founded on the principle that everyone should feel empowered to curate their own collection of handbags and accessories. Designed to help you express your own unique style and identity – with the understanding that when you look good, you feel good – the Katie Loxton range of gifts we stock here at Wow are popular for a reason.

A Blackbird Sang

Inspired by nature and crafted in England, the functional and decorative art pieces from A Blackbird Sang are available to display indoors and out. Crafted using sustainable and recyclable materials, with exhibits at prestigious UK events including RHS Chelsea Flower Show and RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, these pieces promise to bring a stunning and timeless aesthetic to any garden or interior.

Amanda Coleman

At the heart and soul of Amanda Coleman are craftsmanship and detail, as is evident in every piece of jewellery they produce. Creating beautiful solid-silver and gold-plated pieces, the team at Amanda Coleman are crazy about details, turning each handmade piece into a work of art. They love to celebrate the joys of life and the wonders of nature, to marvel at the extraordinary, and pay homage to the skill of making.

Les Néréides

The vision of this exemplary French company – first founded in Niece in 1980 – is to be the costume jewellery brand that evokes the most joy and that draws the hidden refinement hiding in every woman. Les Néréides jewellery embodies far more than simple fashion flair; it fosters the uniqueness of the woman who wears it, while reconnecting her with her emotions.

Nathalie Bond

From their roots in 2014 making at the kitchen table, the team behind Nathalie Bond are now known and loved for their organic range of skincare and natural candles. More than that, their range of plastic-free and zero-waste products for all the family have proven exceptionally popular, and the fact that all of their products are made in a workshop behind their little shop in Colwyn Bay means that special care and attention is paid to every product that makes its way
to the shelves of WOW. All products are eco-conscious, organic, chemical free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. It’s really no wonder they’re so popular!

Laura Stoddart

Producing stationery, prints and more – illustrated by Laura herself – this award-winning, illustration-led lifestyle brand brings to our shelves a focus on high-quality stationery, homeware accessories and more. Laura’s nostalgic watercolour designs are hand-painted in her distinctive style, evoking cherished memories
and adding a little bit of art to your every day. Built on creative passion, Laura Stoddart keeps the values of family, and the importance of the planet, at
the forefront of everything she produces.

Dandelion Stationery

When it comes to greetings cards, there are so many choices that it can become hard to know where to start, especially for buyers concerned with sustainability and
quality. Using only the best quality materials and recyclable or sustainable resources, many of the cards produced by Dandelion Stationery are hand-finished with subtle sparkles, all of which is done by real people, making your chosen style almost as special as the message it contains. The team also create a beautiful range of origami sets, notebooks, wrapping paper,
coasters, tea towels, even mini chopping boards, not to mention a collection of handmade soaps using all-natural ingredients and essential oils.

Shell on Earth

Shell on Earth

This small family business in Wales helps to support a circular economy, taking the crushed whelk shells generated at their seafood processing factory and
recycling them for use in gardens and landscaping. The crushed shells have a number of possible uses, including plant pot and terrarium dressing, garden borders and beds, as a drainage layer to air run-off, and as a natural (and gentle) control for weeds and pests. They are also a great alternative to quarried grit or gravel, and can be used in large quantities in beds, borders, paths and
driveways. They’re beautiful, too, lightening naturally with exposure to the sun and giving your home landscape a fabulously bright finish.